Invest in Yourself – Invest in a Better World

The items you place in your shopping cart each week speaks volumes. Where you choose to spend your money is ultimately showing the big corporations what you believe in, support and value.

Many people ask me “is organic really free of pesticides? Is the non-GMO stamp of approval valid?”Unfortunately we may never know the real answers to these questions…but I believe that organic and non-GMO is a much better option, so that’s what I purchase. I choose to VOTE for these items because I want to make a statement. I want to send a message.

At one point in time I was extremely frugal when it came to food shopping. I may have picked that up from the years growing up watching my mom spend hours each week cutting coupons before her shopping excursions. After my husband and I started to discover the truth about our food, we realized that buying better quality  products did come with a more expensive price tag.

Now, don’t get confused — a vegan diet is typically NOT more expensive than a standard meat-eating diet. Beans, lentils and quinoa are extremely cheap in comparison to steak or salmon. From my experience, the real expenses come from things like condiments. For instance: Organic ketchup vs Heinz ketchup, real peanut butter and jelly vs Jiffy or Smuckers.  I make sure to read every label and look for the least amount of ingredients in order to avoid chemicals and additives as much as possible. This is where things tend to get expensive — but I believe this is essential to our overall health and to show the food industry what we want on our store shelves.

Healthy eating is a priority to us. We probably dish out a lot more than the average person weekly on our grocery bill, but we make sacrifices to do so. Some people like fancy cars and designer purses – well, I prefer  higher quality condiments lining my kitchen pantry. With a little budget adjusting and being mindful of where we spend our money each week, I now have the flexibility to walk into Whole Foods and splurge — Well for now at least. This may be a different story down the road if our family grows in size… Coupon cutting may eventually come back to bite me in the butt after all!

The bottom line is, make the sacrifice. Do good with your money and take a stance in what you believe in during every shopping trip. Invest in better foods now, so you can potentially avoid suffering from diseases later on in life. You know what they say — health is wealth – and that my friends, is priceless!

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