Quinoa & Black Bean Stuffed Peppers (crockpot) 

When I first started cooking for Dante and I, these stuffed peppers were one of my favorite go-to meals. The reason for that: you literally can NOT screw them up. You don’t even have to cook since the crockpot does that part for you…Plus, it has just 7 ingredients and the preparation takes a total of 5 minutes max! This is a simple recipe that can be put in the crockpot in morning and what you’ll come home to is a protein-packed delicious stuffed pepper. Yum!! 

Please note: If sharing with a child, be sure to use mild salsa. Gavin loved this!! 


1/2 cup uncooked quinoa (rinsed)

2 cups salsa 

3/4 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon cumin 

1 teaspoon garlic powder

1 14oz can black beans 

4 bell peppers 

**I added shredding vegan cheddar cheese along with a tofu-based vegan sour cream. This definitely gives it a little something extra. Photo below!


1.) Half peppers, remove seeds and put in crockpot (I did not half them this time because my peppers were on the smaller side. I instead just cut off the top. Either way works)

2.) In a large bowl, stir together quinoa, salsa, salt, cumin, garlic & beans

3.) Place in peppers 

4.) Cook on low for 5 hours 

5.) If using cheese or sour cream, top at end and serve! 

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